das-Nano contributions to Graphene Week 2021 conference

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das-Nano has participated in the Graphene Week 2021 conference with the collaboration of Israel Arnedo and Elena Taboada. Israel, director of das-Nano’s Terahertz Business Unit, talked about Onyx, the first system on the market designed to provide a full-area, non-destructive characterization of graphene, thin films, and other 2D materials.

Learn more about terahertz waves and the versatility of the Onyx system with this video.

Graphene Week 2021 conference was also focused on standardization as a key tool for graphene industrialization. Elena Taboada contributed as an invited speaker to explain das-Nano’s efforts on the international standardization of terahertz technology as a characterization method for graphene. Find the complete presentation here and do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in terahertz standardisation.

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