das-Nano develops terahertz technology for the food industry with its Onyx system

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das-Nano participates in the IAFood project, funded by the Government of Navarra

The objective of this strategic project is to promote the digital transformation of the food industry. It proposes the development of new methods of rapid food monitoring analysis that work in real time. 

From the rapid monitoring systems as from other sources, through the application of AI (Artificial Intelligence) techniques, it will be possible to create mathematical algorithms capable of recognizing patterns that allow to act quickly and solve possible problems that may arise along the production chain, allowing the construction of a decision-making platform for quality control and food safety.

They leverage terahertz technology for food quality control to identify foreign bodies and measure moisture, among other parameters, in food products.

das-Nano has already started inspecting oat bars with different moisture contents with its Onyx system. The first system on the market was designed to provide a non-destructive full-area characterization of graphene, thin films, and other 2D materials.

The Onyx system could be installed on the food production line to inspect the moisture of each stick to ensure optimal crunch.


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