das-Nano has made headlines in Horizon Magazine for its major project Notus

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Bigger, better blades for wind turbines

das-Nano has made headlines in Horizon Magazine for its major project Notus, the first harmless, non-destructive tool for rapid inspection of materials used in the wind and aerospace industry. It enables the identification of defective parts at a rapid speed. Notus is seeing what was invisible until now.

The wind industry is calling for a change in the size of wind turbine blades. The larger the blades, the faster the tips will move and the greater the erosion on their leading edges, but there is always a “but”. Implementing larger blades that generate more power with less wear is a challenge for the industry, blade failures are a major problem for the wind turbine industry and there was no method to identify internal defects in the blade coatings. 

das-Nano has come up with the solution to these problems with its Notus system using terahertz waves, waves capable of seeing the inside of multilayer coatings, and their chemical composition and electrical properties, in a non-destructive, non-invasive, and non-ionizing manner. With this technology, wind farm operators could save approximately 10% in operation and maintenance costs, according to estimates by Azanza, co-founder and CEO of das-Nano.

Read the full news here and find more info about Notus on


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