das-Nano at Intergraf’s Security Printers Exhibition in Copenhagen

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das-Nano will be attending Intergraf’s Security Printers Exhibition for the fourth consecutive year, this time in Copenhagen from 23-25 October. das-Nano has a long-track record in the High Security Printing sector that includes collaborations with main central banks that have led to das-Nano’s worldwide presence. This conference is a great opportunity for HSP stakeholders to gather and share their expertise and knowledge to keep building a safer industry. das-Nano offers unique and innovative solutions that have been validated by entities such as the European Central Bank and the Spanish National Coin and Stamp Factory among others.

das-Nano’s World Presence

Additionally, das-Nano will be bringing biometric technologies. In 2017, das-Nano and BBVA created a joint-venture called Veridas that specializes in biometrics and digital authentication. These high-tech solutions have multiple applications from banking and insurance to access control.

If you want to find more about our core technologies, come meet us in person to booth #46 at the exhibition! We’ll be thrilled to see you!

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