das-Nano, recognized by the Global Trade magazine for rising R&D in photovoltaics with the Onyx system

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The market for thin film materials is growing steadily, and this is due to the advance in research and development activities focused on photovoltaics, the most popular and fastest growing sector of solar technology.

The various existing types of thin films have become more common and popular due to low-cost processing with minimal use of applied materials. Several industry participants and organizations are leaning towards product development to promote penetration in certain thin film applications.

das-Nano has been recognized by Global Trade Magazine for rising R&D in photovoltaics with the Onyx system, a thin film materials device capable of measuring parameters indicative of materials quality, in a non-destructive and fast mode. It is in fact the first system on the market designed to provide a full-area, non-destructive characterization of graphene, thin films, and other 2D materials.

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