Did you know that terahertz technology can solve your non-destructive testing problems?

Table of contents

The Terahertz Users Group of the British Institute of Non-destructive Testing, of which das-Nano is an active member, has produced a brochure together with the other members of the group, discussing the capabilities of Terahertz (THz)  technology in non-destructive testing and condition monitoring.

This British institute has established to promote and advance techniques using THz technologies to inspect components, materials and structures and recommend appropriate standardization and best practice.

A new light for the industry

das-Nano offers the first terahertz-based technology systems on the market, designed to provide non-destructive, contactless, fast and reliable full-area characterization of surfaces, materials and coatings (single and multilayer) to obtain information on thickness and electrical properties.

THz capabilities

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