Graphene Flagship acknowledges das-Nano as a successfull company

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Thanks Graphene Flagship for talking about the success of das-Nano with its Onyx system. One of the key objectives of Graphene Flagship is to get new graphene-based products into the hands of consumers.

das-Nano, a technology-focused SME and Associate Member of the Graphene Flagship, designs and manufactures terahertz spectrometers for applications in the automotive and aeronautics, wind energy and advanced materials industries, among others. 

Its Onyx product is the first system on the market designed to provide complete, non-destructive characterization of graphene, thin films and other layered materials.

How does Onyx help you?

✔ Non-destructive, non-contact, and fast quality control process.

✔ Being non-destructive, each wafer can be analyzed individually, more reliably and efficiently.

✔ The technology is harmless, requires no sample preparation and allows the spatial distribution of sample quality to be measured.

✔ By mapping the entire wafer area instead of individual points, it allows defective parts to be identified at the earliest stage of the production process.


You can read the full article here

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