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Contact-less system that provides the thickness measurement of every painting layer in a car body in a non-destructive way


First system that provides a full-area non-destructive characterization of Graphene, thin-films, and other 2D materials


Full layer thickness measurement and adherence control of each coating layer on top of composite materials used in the wind and aerospace industry


Big Data analysis and visualization platform that provides a user-friendly interface with a high degree of interactivity

Certified commitment to quality


ISO 9001 certified   


 ISO 27001 certified


   CE marking

das-Nano company building

More than 10 years of experience in the field

das-Nano is a company founded in 2012 by experienced business and industry entrepreneurs, as well as world leading scientists, with a long track-record in scientific research, technological and international business.

With 40% of our team holding PhDs and being based in Navarre (Spain), we are in a unique position to provide a technology portfolio that is continuously evolving. das-Nano, the new light for industry, develops cutting-edge solutions with terahertz-based technology. Our customer portfolio includes some of the major players in the automotive, aerospace and research materials industries.


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