Automotive Plastic Components

Measure and control multilayer coating thickness with Terahertz technology


Improve the quality of your plastic components, and increase the production efficiency with das-Nano Irys

contactless system that, using Terahertz waves and proprietary algorithms developed by das-Nano, provides to accurately measure the thickness of every painting layer in a car body and the quality of plastic components in a non-destructive way.

Irys can be adapted to industrial robots to be exploited in production lines and adapted to collaborative robots used in labs. The combination of both technologies, allows laboratories to achieve the best quality and accuracy in measuring the thickness of each layer in the coatings.

Direct benefits for your business

5% Material Savings thanks to thickness optimization.

3% Reduction of reworks.

Reduction of the environmental impact.

No need for cost extensive calibrations.

One system, a thousand possibilities

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