From Navarre to the
whole world

das-Nano, founded in 2012, is a company that consists of experienced business and industry entrepreneurs. Our team boasts world-leading scientists with a long track-record in scientific research, technological and international business.

With 40% of our team holding PhDs and being based in Navarre (Spain), we are in a unique position to provide a technology portfolio that is continuously evolving. das-Nano, the new light for industry, develops cutting-edge solutions with terahertz-based technology. Our customer portfolio includes some of the major players in the automotive, aerospace and research materials industries.

"The new light for the industry"

das-Nano has broad expertise in different technologies that combined bring distinctive solutions adapted to the customer’s needs in a reduced time-to-market. The wide set of close suppliers and collaborators permits das-Nano to design, prototype, and scale-up systems and technologies in reduced schedule, high quality, and control costs while keeping the required confidentiality.

The Headquarters

Strategically located, close to the Pamplona’s city center, the local airport and the main communication arteries. A single building in which all the magic happens: equipped with laboratories for the different technologies and a talented team.

A global team with a local soul

A team of highly qualified people, which draws from its roots in Navarra, Spain, where our headquarters are located: an ideal place for technological development, where universities, research centers, companies and hundreds of talented people make up a highly competitive innovation ecosystem.

Technology, Talent, Work and Transparency are the values that set the path for us to follow.