Quality Policy

das-Nano Group (das-Nano, das-Nano Tech and Veridas) considers the Quality of its products as its greatest responsibility and continuous improvement as one of the company’s key elements. For this reason, we have implemented a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001, with the aim of achieving operational excellence and maintaining our leadership in the market.

Our Quality Management system is based on this Policy, which serves as a framework to establish and review our objectives, and is based on the following fundamental commitments, which guide our behavior with:

Our clients:

• Satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients, both current and future.

• Provide a continually evolving technology portfolio that offers our clients cutting-edge solutions, adapting to their needs.

• Align the company’s strategy to offer products with high added value to our customers (present and potential), improving their degree of satisfaction.

Our employees:

• Promote the commitment and participation of our workers with the values of our company to achieve continuous improvement of our processes at all levels.

• Maintaining the high technical profile of our workers, which will keep us in a unique position to continue developing the technology of our products.

Our suppliers and collaborators:

• Promote collaboration with our suppliers and collaborators, based on communication and understanding, in order to ensure high quality products and services.

• Promoting local industry and technology

From the management of the das-Nano group, we collaborate in maintaining the leadership of our brand and the competitiveness and sustainability of the company, demonstrating its commitment to:

• Provide a process for the proactive identification and efficient management of risks associated with our products, processes and technologies.

• Permanently optimize processes by analyzing the information generated by our quality management system and the opinion of our clients and interested parties.

• Ensure efficient use of human, material, natural and financial resources available for the performance of our activities.

• Maintain the permanent commitment to comply with legal, internal and contractual requirements with the client.

• Analyze and evaluate all the information generated by our system and the opinions of our clients and other interested parties, with the commitment to continually improve.

• Permanently work on continuous improvement processes to achieve Total Quality with ‘zero defects’.

Eduardo Azanza Ladrón

CEO of das-Nano group

Tajonar, Navarra (Spain) 9th March 2023