The touchless film build measurement technology


Car body

Improve and fully control your paint processes

Direct benefits for your business

Plastic Components

Increase the production efficiency

Direct benefits for your business

Effectiveness in practice

Irys is the new standard for measuring coating thickness.

Inspection of both sides at the same time

  • Reduce reworks & wastes.
  • Improve quality control.
  • Minimize environmental impact.

Irys key features

  • Metallic, plastic and composite substrates.
  • Able to measure on wet point.
  • Flat and curved surfaces.
  • Harmless for humans (non-ionizing).

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Our clients are our best reference

Through extensive testing in a production equivalent area, das-Nano has demonstrated a high degree of accuracy for measuring the coating layers of our vehicles. This is a great example of Toyota’s quest for continuous improvement.

Jessie Richardson
Toyota Kentucky Senior Engineer Paint Planning

With previous methods, it was still necessary to make scratch bodies, mask them off and manually measure the layer thickness. So now we have significant time and material savings with this novel system. You get much more information compared to previous systems.

Claudio Sole
Paint Expert at Volkswagen Headquarters in Wolfsburg

Due to the obsolescence of our previous measurement systems, the Wolfsburg planning department and our technology partner das-Nano, decided to introduced an installation based on Terahertz technology. This system allows us the simultaneous measurement of all paint layers in a fully automated way eliminating manual processes.

Frank Uhlemann
Painting Process Planning Manager at Volkswagen W Navarra

One system, a thousand possibilities

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