das-Nano and EU H2020’s EIC SME Instrument: NOTUS-factory release

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The NOTUS project is improving NOTUS capacities with the funding of EU H2020’s EIC SME Instrument to help make renewable wind energy a reference in Europe.

Within this framework, a new member of the Notus family has developed and is finally on the market: Notus-factory. It is specifically aimed at blade manufacturing companies in the wind industry.

Notus-factory allows inspection of full layer thickness measurement of each coating layer on composite materials. In addition, it allows the inspection of large areas thanks to its measuring head, which can be mounted on any arm or robotic structure, guaranteeing precise and fast measurements of the entire production line of large structures. 

Its main improvements go through increasing material savings thanks to the optimization of the thickness and the reduction of rework, making it an ally for blade manufacturers who want to guarantee the highest quality of their products.

Click to read the Notus-factory brochure!

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