das-Nano and EU H2020’s EIC SME Instrument: NOTUS-field release

The NOTUS project is improving NOTUS capacities with the funding of EU H2020’s EIC SME Instrument to help make renewable wind energy a reference in Europe.

Within this framework, a new member of the Notus family has developed and is finally on the market: Notus-field. It is specifically aimed at wind farm owners and companies in charge of the supervision and repair of blades.

Notus-field allows the inspection of the measurement of the full layer thickness of each coating layer on composite materials used in the wind and aerospace industry in the field, directly on the blade mounted quickly and accurately. Its main improvements are based on reducing the cost of rework and the time and difficulty of repair, allowing preventive maintenance of blade defects.

The Notus-field system is placed manually and has a vacuum-assisted coupling that guarantees maximum grip without damaging the blade, even in a vertical position to the tip. Its new optimized hardware, 20% more compact and lighter than its predecessor, makes the inspection task on the shovel even easier for the operator and its user-friendly interface shows easily interpretable results in a few seconds.

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