das-Nano is gaining the trust of the main Automotive Manufacturers

das-Nano booth at the Control Messe 2024 in Stuttgart (Germany) with the support of Volkswagen, Stellantis and BMW group. 

In recent years, the Spanish technology company das-Nano, which specializes in measuring the thickness of coatings on any surface, has successfully gained the trust of the world’s leading OEMs, including Volkswagen, BMW Group, Stellantis or Toyota among others.

To achieve this, das-Nano has undergone the rigorous evaluation tests that manufacturers establish to select their trusted technology suppliers.

Recently, and during the last year, das-Nano has been part of the testing process carried out by Toyota in its pilot plant in Kentucky, USA. As usual, the main suppliers of technology for the measurement of thickness layers were present, and after a long process of tests in real manufacturing conditions, das-Nano has been chosen for its solution’s accuracy, robustness, flexibility and user experience.

Terahertz wave technology

“Through extensive testing in a production equivalent area, das-Nano has demonstrated a high degree of accuracy for measuring the coating layers of our vehicles. This is a great example of Toyota’s quest for continuous improvement”.

Toyota adds to the list of OEM’s already using das-Nano technology.

"At das-Nano, we are excited to partner with automotive giants such as Volkswagen and Toyota, among others. Our commitment to excellence and innovation has proven relevant in helping these manufacturers overcome challenges in their paint areas"

Terahertz wave technology lights up a new era in vehicle painting processes

Car manufacturers have always known that a large part of a vehicle’s perceived quality is determined by its paint coating. In addition, the quality of this coating allows a car to be maintained over time in good condition.

To achieve optimum finishes, ensure the best quality and optimize the use of resources to the maximum, the automotive industry needs to measure the different coating layers of each car body in a contactless fashion.

Only after the irruption of technologies based on terahertz electromagnetic waves, such as das-Nano, these measurement processes were carried out manually, which did not allow a thorough control of the process, causing loss of time and forcing reworks and loss of raw material.

Now, many of the foremost automotive manufacturers, such as Volkswagen, Group BMW, Stellantis or Toyota, among others, are incorporating das-Nano technology into their paint process, allowing them to obtain near real-time information about the coating layers they deposit on the surface of each car body, to do so with an accuracy of 1 micron and, what is more important, to do it in a completely automated and contactless way.

das-Nano, since 2012 enabling manufacturers to save money and be more sustainable

With a patented, state-of-the-art technology based on Terahertz waves, das-Nano is offering leading manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace and semiconductor industries, among others, the ability to be more efficient and ensure the highest quality, making their inspection, characterization, painting or coating processes optimal.

In operation since 2012, das-Nano has extensive experience in the industry and has established itself as the global leader in the field of surface inspection with terahertz waves, being the ideal solution for non-contact thickness measurement of any coating, detection of hidden corrosion or electrical characterization of graphene in a non-destructive way, among other cutting-edge solutions

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