Terahertz research platform for bulk, thin films and 2D materials


The first system in the market designed to provide a full-area non-destructive electrical characterization of:


Updating and improving its features

Onyx is continuously improving its features, offering new results, highly increasing its potential. Now, its 4.0 version incorporates two new characterization models to its previous capabilities: Semiconductor Thin Film Model and Two-Thickness Substrate Model. These new features expand the system’s versatility and make it an ideal platform for researching an even wider variety of materials.

In just one single measurement, the system is able to provide precisely the following physical properties:

Onyx in the GRACE Project

Developing electrical characterization methods for future graphene electronics


das-Nano collaborated on the GRACE EUROPEAN Project (EMPIR-EURAMET program), developing electrical characterization methods for future graphene electronics, such as Terahertz technology used by the Onyx device.

A Good Practice Guide on the Electrical characterisation of graphene using non-contact and high-throughput methods was published within the project.


Tested with

Tech specifications

Main supply unit

Weight: 46 Kg.

Dimensions: 610 x 581 x 332 mm.

Transceiver head

Weight: 2 Kg.

Dimensions: 260 x 176 x 67 mm.

3-Axis position system

Voltage: 230 VAC, <200 W.

Connections: USB, HDMI & Ethernet.

Weight: 27 Kg.

Dimensions: 546 x 401 x 535.5 mm.

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