Reduce costs in your paint shop with das-Nano Irys

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The International Magazine IPCM, technical magazine for the surface treatment and organic and inorganic finishing industry, includes in its new edition our innovative das-Nano Irys system: the contactless coating thickness inspection solution that helps to reduce costs in your paint shop. 

Reduce the amount of materials and energy in your painting processes

das-Nano offers cutting-edge terahertz-based technology systems designed to provide non-destructive, contactless, fast, automated and reliable inspection of surfaces, materials, and coatings to obtain information on layer thicknesses of each layer in multilayer coatings.

We have calculated that our system, implemented in 2020 at Volkswagen, helps to achieve 15% savings in the painting process, reducing the expenditure of materials, energy, and defective parts, with a corresponding reduction in the environmental impact. 

"With previous methods, it was still necessary to make scratch bodies, mask them off and manually measure the layer thickness. So now we have significant time and material savings with this novel system. You get much more information compared to previous systems."

Claudio Sole, Paint Technician leader at Volkswagen Headquarters in Wolfsburg

Pioneers in the automotive industry

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