Measure and control multilayer coating thickness and identify hidden corrosion with Terahertz technology

das-Nano Irys + ABB

Improve and fully control your paint processes and detect incipient hidden corrosion​

The deterioration caused by corrosion is enormous, and the most important thing to avoid it is prevention and identification at the earliest stage possible. Determining the causes of incipient and metal corrosion is essential, and with our terahertz technology and das-Nano Irys, it is possible.

This technique is contactless and non-destructive. Measurements are fast (less than 1 second) and allow obtaining information about the thickness and electrical parameters of each layer in multilayer systems simultaneously,  being able to differentiate metallic surfaces from oxidized ones.

Direct benefits for your business

5% Material Savings thanks to thickness optimization.

3% Reduction of reworks.

Reduction of the environmental impact.

No need for cost extensive calibrations.

One system, a thousand possibilities

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