Full-area non-destructive Graphene electrical characterization

Do you need to measure the electrical properties and 2D materials quickly and non-destructively?

Do you want a contactless system capable of measuring the spatial distribution of the sample quality?

With das-Nano Onyx solution, you can achieve non-destructive electrical characterization of the entire graphene area and much more!

diseño circular grapheno

How does it work?

Onyx is the first system on the market designed to provide whole area non-destructive characterization of graphene, thin films, and other 2D materials. Bridges the gap between macro and nanoscale tools, characterizing from 0.5 mm² to large areas (m²), improving the industrialization of materials research.

Compared with other large-area methods, such as the four-probe method (destructive and contact), Onyx can measure the quality of the sample, providing a complete map of its surface for each electrical property being measured. Spatial resolution on the order of a few hundred microns allows rapid characterization of large sample areas, unlike microscopic methods such as Raman, SEM, and TEM.

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