das-Nano announces collaboration with Quantum Design

das-Nano is honored to announce its collaboration agreement with Quantum Design to distribute Onyx in the United States, China, Singapore and Taiwan.

“The Onyx technology fits in perfectly with our expanding 2D materials characterization portfolio,” stated Aashish Chourey, Director of Business Development for Quantum Design. “Non-destructive means of characterizing two-dimensional materials such as graphene and thin films are becoming ever more important to research and industrial teams working on technological solutions for the future.”

das-Nano’s Onyx system uses Terahertz technology to quickly characterize the homogeneity, sheet conductance, sheet resistance, carrier scattering time, carrier density, and carrier mobility of 2D materials, all with a single nondestructive measurement. It is useful with a great variety of materials such as graphene (of various forms), PEDOT, carbon nanotubes, GaN, and spin-coated photo-resins, among others. Onyx is a unique device on the market that covers the gap left by macro and micro-scale characterization systems, combining high speed and resolution in the
same instrument.

“At present, existing material characterization methods do not allow the analysis of the entire sample surface, either because of the excessive time required or because the inspection technique is destructive. In the absence of a system to meet this emerging need, das-Nano imagined and developed the Onyx system,” stated Verónica de Miguel, Terahertz Sales Manager for das-Nano. “We are excited to announce a QDI and das-Nano distribution agreement. We are convinced that its expertise in the field, its 40-year experience, and its strategic international locations make QDI the best ally to bring Onyx to the world’s leading research institutions”.

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