das-Nano, in collaboration with Fraunhofer ITWM, participated in PaintExpo 2022

das-Nano, in collaboration with Fraunhofer ITWM, participated in PaintExpo 2022, an exhibition where all innovations, applications, future technologies, and trends covering all aspects of industrial coating could be seen.

Andrea Inés, the Technology Director at das-Nano, and Jordi Paulo, das-Nano’s Sales Manager, showed all visitors the operation and advantages of the Irys industrial solution and the recently developed laboratory version that uses a collaborative robot. 

Advantages of das-Nano Irys: 

It is a fully automated, fast, and accurate system that measures each coating layer simultaneously, regardless of the substrate material. In addition, there is no need for calibration stops during measurement, which saves a lot of time – and all this without contact!

Work has been done in different areas and, in particular, on the development of complex algorithms based on artificial intelligence to extract thickness values from terahertz waves and optimize the hardware of the terahertz system to adapt the technology to specific measurement needs. 

The das-Nano Irys system can be adapted to industrial robots to be exploited in production lines, and adapted to collaborative robots used in laboratories. The thickness results in both environments are obtained with the same terahertz technology and are therefore directly comparable.

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