das-Nano’s contribution to the EMPIR Grace project

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das-Nano’s contribution to the EMPIR Grace project.

The European Grace project, co-funded by EMPIR, provided novel metrology methods for the electrical characterization of graphene to enable standardized electrical measurements of graphene-based electronics. During the project, 45 graphene samples were characterized for conductivity, electron mobility, carrier density, and the effect of environmental conditions on measurements. Both contact and non-contact characterization methods were validated and compared among them.

das-Nano, as a Grace project partner, provided its non-contact terahertz time-domain spectrometer (THz-TDS) ONYX, which was validated in the inter-laboratory comparison.

As a result of the project, das-Nano now has data from the best metrology institutes in Europe supporting the use of THz-TDS for the electrical characterization of graphene.

The ONYX system enables non-destructive characterization of the entire area of graphene, thin films, and other 2D materials on a large scale, from the submillimeter to the m2 level, providing information on a range of parameters in a single measurement and enhancing the industrialization of the research materials, such as graphene.

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