das-Nano included in the Graphene Companies Catalogue 2021

das-Nano has been included in the “Graphene Companies Catalogue 2021” with its  Onyx system.

The main goal of Graphene Companies Catalogue, is to have a source in hand where it would be possible in just one file to have an overall view of which companies develop their work on the field. This catalogue gives an overview of the companies performing work on Graphene.

das-Nano Onyx is the first system on the market based on Terahertz technology, designed to provide full-area, non-destructive characterization of graphene, thin films and other 2D materials.

How can Onyx help you?

✔ Non-contact, non-destructive and fast.

✔ Electrical characterization of your advanced materials: conductivity, resistivity, charge carrier mobility and density, refractive index, substrate thickness and more.

✔ No sample preparation.

✔ Being non-destructive, each wafer can be analysed individually, more reliably and efficiently.

✔ Mapping of the entire wafer to obtain the spatial distribution of sample quality: defects identification at the earliest stage of the production process.

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