Das-Nano at European Microwave week 2019

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Das-nano will attend the next European microwave week 2019 that will start on September 29 and will last until October 4. Six days of workshops and short courses form Europe’s premier microwave, wireless and radar event.

Das-nano hosts one of the workshops entitled “THz Applications: present and future.” Through 10 talks, the historical view, the current state of the art and the future perspective of THz generators/receivers and THz applications are covered.

This workshop is a great chance for beginners in the field, but also for experts who want to broaden their scope of knowledge in a really broad sense.

Do not miss this opportunity and join us at EuMW 2019!

Full programme here

THz Applications: present and future” (Sunday 29th, 8h30-17h50)

Introduction to THz and their Applications –   Israel Arnedo¹, David Etayo²    (¹UPNA, ²das-Nano S.L.)
Fundamentals of THz Generation –  Björn Globisch    (Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute)
Fundamentals of THz Generation –  Javier Tejada¹, Alvaro Cordon²    (¹Universidad de Barcelona, ²das-Nano S.L.)
Available Current Instrumentation for THz –   Joachim Jonuscheit    (Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics ITWM)
Future trends in THz Instrumentation –    Christoph Gleichweit   (Menlo Systems GmbH)
THz Applications in Pharmaceutics and Medicine –    Phil Taday   (Teraview)
THz Applications in Automotive and Wind-power industry –   Montserrat Fernandez, Albert Redo-Sanchez    (das-Nano S.L.)
THz Rays for the Graphene Industry –    Peter Uhd Jepsen    (Technical University of Denmark)
THz Rays for Art and Object Conservation  Enrique Castro-Camús    (Centro de Investigaciones en Optica A.C. Mexico.)
Future THz Applications –    Jan Balzer    (Faculty of Engineering, University Duisburg-Essen)

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