Das-Nano at Graphene week 2019

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The 14th edition of the leading Graphene Conference in Europe, Graphene Week 2019, will be held at the Marina Congress Center, in Helsinki, Finland( September 23 – 27).

This conference organized by the Graphene Flagship brings together the latest innovations in graphene from more than 190 industry-related experts meeting to explore the hottest issues that influence the field.

Das-Nano will contribute with a talk in the GRACE project workshop. Good Practice Guides on the electrical characterization of large-area graphene will be discussed, providing the audience with an understanding of how to follow the measurement procedures and obtain reliable results.

Join us at the GRACE workshop on Thursday, September 26 (15h30-18h00)!

Speaker: Prof. Israel Arnedo  –  Conductivity measurements by THz time-domain spectroscopy

Full program here


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