das-Nano has been one of the main players in the “Diario de Navarra” for its technological advances during COVID times

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das-Nano has been one of the main players in the Diario de Navarra for its technological advances during COVID times. This sector of new technologies has experienced growth in 2021 and continues with projects for 2022. 

Interview with Eduardo Azanza, co-founder and CEO das-Nano and Veridas

1.What has 2021 been like for your organization and industry? How has covid affected it?

It has been a year of very relevant growth in our Identity and Biometrics activity, both in the digital and physical space. The possibility of trusting the identity of customers and consumers in a remote and automated way, with the possibility of verification in the physical world, has enabled the launch of new use cases in numerous industries (banking, insurance, telcos, utilities, AAPP, mobility, transportation, prevention of underage gambling,…) and geographies, with customers globally.

Our Terahertz technology company, with solutions that have never been used before, with a high degree of investment and very focused on the automotive and aerospace industries, has been greatly influenced by the ups and downs that both industries have suffered in the last two years. Growth has been very timid, but in recent months we have managed to close implementation projects with large OEMs, which places us as the first in the world in this still very small niche of industrial technology.

2.Prospects for 2022 for your organization and your sector. What changes have been introduced in the activity? Specify forecasts in terms of employment, turnover, investments…

2022 is a very special year as it will be our 10th anniversary. Ten years of intense technological and equipment development, in solutions and industries that did not even exist in 2012. We expect, therefore, a year of very important growth, by continuing to materialize all that effort of technological development and business seeding of these last years. In 2022, we look forward to at least doubling our turnover in all our business areas, which will come with the consequent increase in our team, which today stands at 150 people and should grow at an analogous magnitude to our business expansion.

3.What would you ask of the national and regional government? Concrete requests.

The great challenge for our country is to decide whether it wants to be a relevant player in the digital world or not. To this end, the only possible recipe is an investment in education, both for the new generations, and in the training of others, already of working age. We have a historic opportunity, in receiving European funds, to turn them into a lever for long-term growth. The creation of software, an asset of extremely high global value, would allow us, with the right training, to transform our workforce to one of creating high-value digital products and services. Therefore, the request would be to allocate the maximum amount of resources to education and training, also setting high standards of quality and demand. Without sweating the shirt, we cannot win the game. Additionally, I join the requests that, I am sure, other voices will make to have taxation at least as attractive as those of our neighbors, and the one that Esteban Morrás made to the President to establish the best fiscal framework in the country to attract and retain talent.


Co-fundador and CEO of das-Nano & Veridas.

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