das-Nano joins AESEMI to optimize the Spanish semiconductor sector

Graphene wafer full area measurement with das-Nano Onyx system

das-Nano goes one step further and joins AESEMI, the Spanish Semiconductor Industry Association, to join efforts and knowledge for optimizing the Spanish semiconductor industry.

This association seeks to give visibility to all the companies that are part of the semiconductor technology ecosystem in Spain and boost the sector nationally and internationally. 

Improve quality control in semiconductor manufacturing processes

das-Nano has developed the first terahertz-based system on the market (called Onyx), designed to provide non-destructive, contactless, a full-area inspection of 2D materials, thin films, surfaces, and multilayer coatings, from sub-millimeter to m2 level, providing information on a range of electrical parameters in a single measurement and improving the industrialization of research materials, such as graphene and other 2D materials.

With this adhesion to AESEMI, das-Nano joins this community, which already counts with the participation of more than 15 members, who are eager to join efforts and knowledge for the optimization of the Spanish semiconductor sector.  

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