das-Nano keeps developing terahertz technology for the food industry

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das-Nano is participating in the IAFood project, which is funded by the Government of Navarra. IAFood project aims at creating a platform for decision-making and rapid monitoring based on AI for quality control and food safety. In this project, in addition to das-Nano, another 9 entities and companies from Navarra are participating: Florette Ibérica, General Mills, Urzante, iAR, HELPHONE, Accoustic Analytics, AIN, CNTA and the Public University of Navarra.

das-Nano aims at exploiting terahertz technology for the quality control of food in order to identify foreing bodies and measure humidity, among other parameters, in food products. Previously, we had already inspected oat bars with different degrees of humidity with our Onyx and Irys systems. Recently, we have extended the inspection of humidity to flour tortillas and the identification of typical foreign bodies found in oat bars and flour tortillas.

Funded by Government of Navarre

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