GrapheneWeek 2021

Table of contents

GrapheneWeek, organized by Graphene Flagship, is the world’s leading event on graphene. das-Nano participated in GrapheneWeek2021 on September 24 with its Onyx system presented by Israel Arnedo.

Learn how das-Nano’s Onyx platform can help you perform fast non-contact conductivity measurements, as well as resistivity, mobility and carrier density measurements. Onyx, based on time-domain THz spectroscopy, is the first system on the market designed to provide a non-destructive full-area characterization of graphene, thin films and other 2D materials. Onyx bridges the gap between macro-and nano-scale tools by characterizing from 0.5 mm2 to large areas (m2), empowering the industrialization of research materials.

Israel Arnedo participated in the following WEBINAR explaining the Onyx Research Platform for non-destructive electrical and physical characterization.

This webinar provides an overview of the challenges and current technologies for electrical and physical characterization of bulk materials, thin films and 2D.


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