Successfully surfing the Terahertz waves with IP Helpdesk and das-Nano´s technology

Thanks to the European IP Helpdesk for choosing das-Nano and its Terahertz technology for the writing of their latest case study as an example of good IP doers. 

das-Nano, a technology company founded in 2012, offers the first terahertz (THz) technology systems on the market, designed to provide whole area characterization of surfaces, materials, and coatings, in a non-destructive, contactless, fast, and reliable way. 

The company identified several constraints faced by the automotive, wind energy, aeronautics and marine industries in the validation and quality control processes of their production lines, and found the solution in terahertz technology. 

From this knowledge, they designed three terahertz technology based systems.

The first product, called das-Nano Irys, is a patented, non-contact device that uses THz waves and a proprietary Big Data analysis platform, developed to provide information on the thickness of each coating layer, color, and appearance of a car body in a non-destructive and fully automated way.

das-Nano has also developed Notus, a patented system that allows the inspection of total coating thickness measurement and adhesion control of each coating layer on composite materials used in the wind power and aeronautical industry. 

The third product developed and commercialized by das-Nano based on THz spectroscopy is Onyx, the first system in the market designed to provide a full-area non-destructive characterization of graphene, thin films, and other 2D materials.

das-Nano’s current patent portfolio comprises 19 patents, 12 of which are directly related to THz technology.


Learn more about das-Nano’s IP strategy by reading this case study. Document reference: 

“European Commission, Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, European IP Helpdesk case study : successfully surfing terahertz waves with IP : how an innovative Spanish tech company develops novel terahertz (THz) solutions for the industry, 2022,”

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